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Are you an expert, experienced consultant, coach, or successful businessperson enthusiastic about youth employment and entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso/West Africa? You can support us with your expertise and knowledge in business management training, networking and nurturing our members and clients.

Become A Member

Are you a young Burkinabe or West African living or studying abroad with an entrepreneurial idea, initiative or specific solution for youth unemployment and education? Do you have a fervent commitment to serve as an inspiring agent to other young Burkinabe in contributing to national development? If yes, then join us by applying to the B.E. Foundation. Fill our membership form and send us your cv along with your project. We provide support platform to aid in the advancement of your initiative or idea.

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We offer the possibility to public, private, regional and international organizations to support our projects and initiatives through grants, donations and capacity building.

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We are keen on partnering with research organizations, consultancy firms, advocacy organizations, private foundations, regional and international organizations and other civil society organizations on projects that align with our organizational goals.

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Are you a foundation, civil society or international organization working on entrepreneurship and youth employment and entrepreneurship and looking for first hand data, evidence and local partnership? You can become our client. We deliver your needs with speed and precision.

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