How We Work

Our Values

Quality - Integrity - Social Value

We offer creative solutions to business-startups, policy and civil society on entrepreneurial challenges through:


Our team of experts based in Ouagadougou and Geneva investigate emerging issues and provide independent evidence, analysis and insights on topics at the intersection of public policy, entrepreneurship and business development to stakeholders and clients. The results of our research form the basis of our advisory services and our experts are carefully selected based on their area of competence to optimize their skills and confidently handle projects. We believe placing reliable, accessible and useful information in the right hands in a timely manner, engages citizens, influences policy alternatives and enhance business decisions.


With a focus on actionable solutions, we offer strategic and evidence-based advice to policy, international organizations and civil society on addressing unemployment through entrepreneurship and productivity-enhancing education. In an era of perpetual flood of information and conflicting opinions, we facilitate decision making through rigorous cost-benefits analysis of options and present decision makers with workable solutions. We also offer efficient communication strategies and innovation fundraising approaches to stakeholders and clients.


We foster entrepreneurial and start-up development in West Africa through provision of management training, coaching, mentoring, networking and social media strategies. We are motivated by our firm conviction that innovative ideas implemented with business acumen is key to addressing poverty and reducing unemployment among young people West Africa

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