SAG-SEED BDS+ Training of Trainers. Malick Lingani, a Participant from Afrik Eveil shares his Thoughts of the Event.

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5 August 2016

SAG-SEED BDS+ Training of Trainers. Malick Lingani, a Participant from Afrik Eveil shares his Thoughts of the Event.

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Accra, July 5-8 2016 

21 participants representing Business Development Service (BDS) providers were introduced to SEED Toolbox for social enterprises in a Training of Trainers workshop organised by SEED. The objective of the training is to build a strong community of BDS providers in order to foster social entrepreneurship in West Africa.

Carolin Ehrensperger presenting SEED’s work and support areas

The workshop took place in Accra at the premises of Reach for Change-Ghana, where 21 Business Development Providers enthusiastically and actively learned, discuss and share their thoughts on how to apply SEED tools that form the different aspects of “SEED Enterprise Blueprint”. The “Blueprint” integrates the Triple Bottom Line—economic, social and environmental impacts of a venture into the regular Business Model Canvas.
The training was part of “ Promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa” —a SWITCH-Africa Green multi-country project in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda. The idea of the training is to build the capacity of trainees to assist eco-enterprises and social entrepreneurs in their respective countries. So, I couldn’t wait to get trained and get ready because Afrik Eveil will implement the SEED Support in Burkina including the “SEED Capacity Building for BDS providers”, the “SEED Starter Month” and the “SEED Catalyser”.
The training was facilitated by SEED staff—Carolin Ehrensperger and Ebenezer Kumi and was organised in two main forms: a Plenary session;where participants were introduced to SEED tools, and a Group Work session; where participants were divided into groups to apply their knowledge of the tools to a case study. Among the tools participants worked with are:

    • the relationship mapping tool;
    • the value proposition tool;
    • the customer / market analysis tool;
    • the business value chain tool;
    • the impact evaluation tool;
    • the funding strategy tool;
    • the risk management tool.

After working on a tool, a team has to designate one or two members to present their work to the audience (other participants and the trainers). The audience then ask questions and give their feedback. Participants also undertook a business pitching exercise with the workshops case studies.

A participant presenting his group’s work

I especially enjoyed the participatory nature of the workshop. Also, facilitators took time at coffee breaks to further address participants questions and clarified on key concepts.

Perhaps, as you may agree, social entrepreneurship is what Africa needs for a sustainable development and this “Toolified” workshop did more than built my capacity—it inspired me to even work more with social entrepreneurs. I am now ready and and excited to share my experience with other BDS service providers and social entrepreneurs!

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