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It is our broad vision and our strong aspiration to undertake some social entrepreneurship initiatives that led us to join Harambe. In the very beginning it wasn’t totally clear to us what issues and challenges we would address in Burkina Faso. It was Harambe that provided the ideal framework with its network of young African students and professionals attending world-class universities and institutions throughout the world. We drew inspiration from ongoing social entrepreneurship initiatives in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, etc. We did benefit from the advise, technical support and experience of qualified alliance members. As a result we came out with a more clear vision for our local project. The vision consists in exploring strategies to address the crucial issue of unemployment among young college graduates through entrepreneurship initiatives, with the clear intention to serve as a bridge between Burkinabe Diaspora and entrepreneurs on the ground.

In order to lay the foundation and get things started on the ground I traveled to Burkina Faso last summer vacation. With no financial resource other than mere savings on my scholarship and a fifty percent discount on my plane ticket that Harambe Alliance successfully managed to obtain from Ethiopian Airlines, I went down the road to Burkina Faso to go spread the word about our initiatives.

Concretely speaking, the activities concerning the project focused essentially on promoting Harambe Endeavor Alliance and expliciting its mission and objectives to the people in Burkina Faso. The channels used to convey that message were presentations and face-to-face talks with small groups of people, friends and university students. I met with two dynamic and enthusiastic individuals whom I entrusted with the task of carrying on the project at country level. They will serve as our team on the ground.

The second stage of my mission consisted in establishing contact and / or strategic partnership with influential people, businesses and organizations. I sat down with political personalities especially some of the highest authorities of our country like Burkina Faso Prime Minister. In short, this summer trip back home was a golden and well exploited opportunity which allowed us to successfully establish a solid basis for Harambe Burkina Faso Eveil.

Hendeavor has reached Burkina Faso, and I can assure that we are definitely on the good track to taking off and genuinely move toward implementing our social project.

This is what I was able to accomplish with my team few months after we committed ourselves to joining and becoming active members of Harambe Alliance. We have got the motivation. We have made a strong commitment to use our youthful energy, our ideas, our time and money and devote ourselves to the pursuit of the social, political and economic development of Africa.

We are conscious that tremendous efforts and sacrifices are yet to be made and we are ready to face the challenge of our generation because we are aware that we are the ones who should be the authors of a brighter future for Africa. We are fully mindful that no longer can we allow any room for procrastination: now is the time set for us to brace ourselves and act toward that common goal. And more importantly, we have deep in our heart the unshakable belief that this is the right place for us to start up with such a noble initiative for Africa’s development in general and for our respective countries in particular.

May those who are able to address challenges be given the opportunity and necessary support to fulfill their mission! We thoroughly look forward to a strategic partnership with the next generation of Africans toward realizing a concerted and sustained development of the continent. That’s all we need in those challenging times.

And yes! I remain persuaded that <<… In the end the Africa our generation desires can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is ours>>.

Thank you! God Bless!

Damien Naon-ib Some

President, HBFE

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